Fest Guide
  • Parking would be available at, Grand Margherita Hotel, Riverside Majestic Hotel, UTC carpark, Tun Jugah Shopping Complex
  • Rain or shine, this event is solely outdoors.
  • There is however a marquee!
  • It is a free standing event. Expect to sit on the ground and have fun! That being said, bring along some floor mats etc
  • Always keep your coded wrist band intact
  • Each wrist band is good for one person.
  • Dress to the nines or better, dress for a night of fun and relaxation.
  • Umbrella and rain coat in case it rains
  • For ladies, forget your high heels. Wear comfy dance shoes instead
  • Variety of food and drink counters available in a picnic atmosphere
  • Information counter, First Aid Station and public toilets are available for your convenience
  • Merchandise/CDs/Souvenirs are on sale. Don’t forget to get something for yourself.
  • Be there early.  There are usually long queues at the gate for tickets or access to the venue due to ticket verification and other security measures.
  • Please do not bring non-permitted items (knives, sharp items) as they will be confiscated.
  • No outside food & drinks and animals are allowed to be brought inside the venue.
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