Blues Gang
Blues Gang, Malaysia’s finest blues / rock band in Malaysia was founded in 1975 in Kuala Lumpur where they began making a name for themselves on the bar circuit. This led to them securing a recording contract with WEA, and their debut album "Anytime Anyday" was released in 1979.

The original lead guitarist Ahmad Abdullah left in early 1980 and was replaced by Julian Mokhtar later that year. In 1981 the band's second album "Blues Gang" was released, scoring a hit with the song "Ibu" written by drummer / vocalist Shaik Karim. Eight more albums under the WEA label followed, yielding hits with "Apo Nak Dikato", "Khatulistiwa", "Sakit Sakit Sakit" to name a few.

Vocalist Ito Mohamad and keyboardist Abdul Gani left in 1987. The remaining trio of Julian, Karim and bassist Jim Madasamy released their last album for WEA, "Mencari Penyelesaian" in 1988.In 1993 Blues Gang released "Esok Hari" on local label SCS and scored another hit with "Mak Siti". Julian left later that year. A final album (to date) "Ribut Pendamai" was released in 1988 and featured Ian Anderson on lead guitar.

Currently the various band members follow their own paths, but they still come together to recreate the “magic” as Blues Gang.
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