Atilia Haron
Since the launch of her album Sangkar at the end of March 2007, Atilia, then, the new name in Malaysian Neo-Jazz made several performances and appearances that were well received by the Malaysian public.

With her performances at the various renowned venues that included No Black Tie, Bangkok Jazz, Alexis, Canon Celebrity Hall of Music and NeroFico in Kuala Lumpur, she performed to packed houses that responded with great applause.

She worked on her album under the guidance and tutelage of the Sultan of Malaysia Soul, Roslan Aziz and the young Jason Voo. The production took 6 years. A long period to ensure that production was made perfectly and not in vain. The care it took in producing this album made it sound timeless. The lyrics were beautifully written in Bahasa Melayu by both Atilia and singer – songwriter – lyricist, Mukhlis Nor.

The long and tedious process of creating such an album is borne by the fact that the producer and co-producer, who were meticulous, were not willing to release a production until all sounds; lyrics and sway of singing were more than perfect. And the perfection was what ultimately came out.

If you are thinking of an album for a perfect chill-out-session – Sangkar is a sure bet. With soothing vocals, juxtaposed with great compositions, lyrics and arrangements, Sangkar is set to be an album that will be categorised as classical and timeless, as most who have heard it would agree.

The daughter of 70’s little dynamite, Salamiah Hassan, the musical prodigy, wrote most of the songs in Sangkar together with Jason Voo.

With musician line-up that was second to none in this country, Roslan Aziz and Jason Voo produced a truly Malay Neo-Jazz compilation that will expand to any type of listeners – penetrating and permeating to all those who appreciated good and soulful music.

A number of songs in the album were contributed by other renowned singers such as Tompi, Indonesia’s Jazz Crooner; Ajai, Malaysia’s foremost producer and songwriter; Will Ng and Yuriz, young and talented Malaysian songwriters.

Atilia’s variety in music provides an album that is like a box of chocolate, varied and exciting.
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