Be Mine, Tak Ingin, Hingga Akhir Waktu, Juwita and Go Away. Those are undoubted hits from a man we know as Aditya. Almost every time he throws something out it instantly becomes an easily digested hit.

RnB is his roots and pop is his soul. To date Aditya has released 2 albums, BE M1NE and I’M YOURS and also one single Go Away.

With these hit albums and songs Aditya has performed on many stages all over Indonesia and overseas. Some of those stages are Indonesia’s most prestigious events such as the International Java Jazz Festival and Soulnation Festival. Aditya had also performed in The Melbourne Convention Centre in Melbourne, Australia as well as private events for Brunei’s Royal Family.

His shows are always a unique experience as he combines Pop, RnB and electronics through his music and sometimes even through acoustic sessions.
The best of him is still yet to come, as he dreams to be #1 male artist in Indonesia as well as reaching a wider International audience.
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