Born in West Sumatera, Tulus, a graduate in architecture, holds a special passion for music ever since his mother started introducing various kinds of music to him from a young age. For him, there are many similarities between music and architecture. He appreciates that both fields require an appreciation for beauty whilst preserving its structure and function.

His debut album, Tulus, was released in 2011. Rolling Stone Magazine Indonesia put this album on the top chart of Indonesia's Best Album and awarded Tulus the title of Rookie of The Year in 2013. His second album, Gajah, was released in 2013. It was the only music album in the Indonesian language that was listed in The Top 10 Best Selling Music Album in iTunes Asia, two months in a row after it was released. The title of the album was chosen because it was a childhood nickname of Tulus. ‘Gajah’ is also the title of one of the songs on the album. It also includes the hit songs ‘Tanggal Merah’, ‘Satu hari di Bulan Juni’, ‘Bumerang’ and more.

One of his famed songs ‘Sepatu’, was even re-released into a Japanese version entitled ‘Kutsu’ translated by Hiroaki Kato in 2015. In 2016, his third studio album Monokrom was officially released through his own label Tulus Co. It was released to favourable response in Indonesia as well as in Malaysia. With 3 albums to date and a whopping 50 music awards in total, the singer enjoys performing his songs on stages all over the globe from Indonesia all the way to countries such as Germany and Czech Republic. Other than making music and performing, Tulus enjoys working in other areas in music industry such as making music videos, documentary videos and art performances.
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