Saxx In The City
Saxx In The City concept was born on December 2015, initiated by Nicky Manuputty & Ryan Tjiptahardja and managed by Michael Eric Kurniawan. It all started with the desire to start a concept with 4 Indonesian most well-known saxophone players. Nicky Manuputty started to collaborate with Damez Nababan, Tommy Pratomo, and Bayu Isman for their first showcase May 2016 in Karawaci, Tangerang. That night the chemistry was born. In early 2017 Saxx In The City started to collaborate with Teza Sumendra as a featuring artist for their first single entitled “In The Night” and continued with a promo 10 days, self-funded tour around Java & Bali Island. Saxx In The City has done their first international show on April 2017 at Singapore Jazz Festival The Late Night Show, Marina Bay Sands. Since then Saxx In The City has played on many international music festivals, such as Prambanan Jazz Festival, Java Jazz Festival, and Singapore Jazz Festival 2018.
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